This is the facade of St. John's Church

St. John's Parish located at Kapellgatan 6, Malmö, SwedenSE214 21.
This is the facade of St. John's Church Architectural photography Family-friendly: true
In 1901 the drawings were approved for a new church, which would relieve St. Peter's and St. Paul's parishes, where the population growth was large. Construction started in 1903, with a planned completion date of 1906, which was when St. John's Parish was founded. (That year is engraved in the sandstone above the main entrance). However, construction was delayed and the parish had to hold their first services in St. Paul's Church. The church was finally inaugurated by Bishop Gottfrid Billing on Holy Trinity Day, June 1, 1907. Designed in the Art Nouveau style by Axel Anderberg (1860-1937), the church distinguishes itself considerably from those built in the new Gothic style around the same time. Art Nouveau had just become fashionable in Sweden and followed the National Romantic currents of the time. Architecturally, the Art Nouveau style meant soft, rounded forms and St. John's Church certainly shows examples of this.
The church was erected in red brick on a granite base and the roof has enamel tiling. In all, there are approximately 20 different kinds of natural stone in the church's ornaments. To mark the arrival of a new era, the architect did not place the tower and the armoury on the west, as was the tradition, but on the north side of the church, just beside the sanctuary.
Some measurements: tower height: 60,2 m (230 steps). Height to ceiling: 26,13 m. Length of church: 52,27 m.