The Adoration of the Magi by Juan Bautista Maíno

The Adoration of the Magi by Juan Bautista Maíno Travel photography Family-friendly: true

1612-1614. Oil on canvas, 315 x 174.5 cm.

The work stands out because it looks real and because of the lifelike expressions of the protagonists in their faces, and the rich gestures of the hands. It is a scene from the New Testament that tells the Adoration of the Magi to Baby Jesus in the presence of the Virgin Mary, Joseph and two servants, lit by the star that guided them to Bethlehem. Maíno highlights the tactile quality of the fabric and the materials of the metal cups, the mother-of-pearl box that the third Wise Man is carrying, and the plants.

It belongs to the commission by the Dominican monks of Toledo for the main altarpiece in San Pedro Mártir, with the theme of the four major feasts: Christmas, Epiphany, Resurrection and Pentecost.