View of Bermeo

View of Bermeo Travel photography Family-friendly: true

After 1783. Hardstone, precious and semi-precious stones, 40.5 x 81.5 cm.

This anonymous mosaic was made at the Royal Laboratory of Gemstones of the Buen Retiro, which was directed by Luis Pogetti beginning in 1784. It is based on a painting by Luis Peret y Alcázer from 1783, which was part of a series on the ports of Cantabria. The series was broken up in the early nineteenth century. The present mosaic reproduces a view of the prot of bermeo, with some fishermen in the foreground, on the rocks, and some boats filled with fishermen at work. Behind them, the port is sheltered among the high cliffs that lead to the city. The artists give this piece the same sparkling and iridescent feeling as the original painting by Paret, thanks to the colorful materials they employed.