The Ages and Death by Hans Baldung Grien

The Ages and Death by Hans Baldung Grien Travel photography Family-friendly: true

1541-1544. Oil on panel, 151 x 61 cm.

Death has taken hold of an older woman who is in turn trying to pull along a voluptuous young woman who seems to be resisting. Death holds an hourglass and a broken lance, on the lower tip of which a dead child rests its hand. In the distance behind the dead tree is a desolate landscape with the tower of Hell and devils tormenting people. The only element of hope is the small crucified Christ looking up towards the light of celestial Glory, represented by the sun appearing between the clouds. At the bottom edge an owl, the traditional symbol of wisdom until the nineteenth century, looks out at the viewer, warning of the consequences of falling into sin. This panel is the pair to Harmony.