The Resurrection of Lazarus by Juan de Flandes

The Resurrection of Lazarus by Juan de Flandes Travel photography Family-friendly: true

1514-1519. Oil on pine panel, 110 x 84 cm.

In keeping with the style of his final years in Palencia, this Flemish painter increases the size of the three main figures - Christ blesses Lazurus, who rises from the tomb. His hand rests on the top of the coffin and his eyes have transformed into black pearls. One of his sisters - Martha, according to the Gospel of Saint John (11, 38-44) - kneels and extends her arms to him. The event takes place in a cemetery, with the ruins of a chapel in the background. This and three other panels by Juan de Flandes belonged to the main altarpiece at the Church of San Lázaro in Palencia. They were financed by Sancho de Castilla, the former preceptor of the ill-fated Prince Juan, heir to the Catholic Kings and patron of that church since 1508.