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Snorkeling has become one of the most favorite underwater activities among millions of people around the world. The likes of scuba diving, kayaking and sailing are still popular but given the ease of snorkeling and that it is family friendly, it is a fun exercise for everyone in the house.
Many may wonder if snorkeling is good or appropriate for kids. In reality, snorkeling is just the one that your kids would enjoy and you can take them along without any major concerns. First, snorkeling is very easy to master. It is much simpler than scuba diving and doesn't require extensive training. Most first time scuba divers have to train for more than two to three sessions before going for the actual experience. Snorkeling can be picked up by a ten year old in just one session and almost effortlessly.
Second, snorkeling is just under the surface of the water. It does not involve any deep sea diving or treading greater depths in shallow waters. It just enables one to float and breathe effortlessly just beneath the water surface to observe aquatic life, rock formations and to explore underwater relics or corals. Due to the simplicity of the activity, it is one of the best leisure pastimes you and your family can indulge in.
Snorkeling doesn't give out the bothering bubbles associated with scuba diving and even kids can snorkel for several hours without getting stressed out. Naturally, snorkeling is an extremely fun exercise for the entire family to indulge in together. Also, it is always advisable to snorkel with people around you, friends or family. Snorkeling alone is not advisable anywhere in the world since there should be people to keep a watch on you. Having your partner, kids and friends make it a team and staying together can be extremely joyous.
There are some safety tips that every family should bear in mind. First, depending on the water type and temperature, appropriate suits should be worn. Sunscreens and other creams if necessary should be applied. Dehydration can be an issue when you snorkel for several hours so consuming a lot of water or other fluids before getting into the water is advisable. Snorkeling can be done in any type of water all around the world but you should always do so in areas that have demarcations for snorkeling, swimming and boating.
As long as these basics are adhered to, snorkeling is one of the best family activities you have around. There are several exotic beaches that come to mind that have the best snorkeling areas. Bali is among the top places to go when it comes to snorkeling in clear blue waters. This beautiful island paradise has long been a hot spot for water sport lovers who enjoy snorkeling. People visiting love to stay in the beach front hotels in Bali to have access to the beaches day and night.