The Castle Restaurant” attracts a good crowd for late dinners

The Castle Restaurant located at Jalan Imbi, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaMY55100.
“The Castle Restaurant” attracts a good crowd for late dinners Night photography Family-friendly: true
On weekends, The Castle is packed till the early hours of the morning. The Castle on Jalan Imbi has replaced a mamak (Al-Esfan), so there is plenty of roofed open-air dining space as well as an air-conditioned room in the back if you can't take the KL heat.
As with many Middle Eastern restaurants in KL, food prices are considerably higher than most other restaurants. It is best to come here in groups to order a number of plates and share over some bread or rice. The menu is not very helpful unless you eat Arab food often. But some of the waiters were able to explain the difference between the dishes.
We ended up getting some naan bread to eat with the other dishes we ordered, which were among the best-tasting Middle Eastern dishes I have ever had. The only thing that was good but not great were the falafels... a favorite of mine. The salad was delicious too. Our drinks were fruit juices mixed in some odd combinations... whether you like it or not will vary greatly depending on your personal tastes as most of these combinations they have are not too common. Still, it is good to try.
Overall, the drinks, naan, falafels, salad, stuffed grape leaves, and humus-type dish we had cost about $20. It was typical price for Middle Eastern food, but it tasted great. While I wouldn't come here all the time, I did enjoy eating at the Castle.